Tuesday, July 24, 2012


Carpooling is highly recommended.
Use of a designated driver is always recommended.
Parking is in the street (2 wheels in the grass) or at the end of the block along the side of the school.

Time Capsule

Please bring an item to be placed in our time capsule.
It can be anything you like as long as it is light enough for 1 person to carry and smaller than a Vespa.
The value should be relatively small, as it shall not be returned to you.
I expect many ridiculous items.
These are things that future civilizations will look upon and say "My, things sure were strange before the world started anew."


This is Dave's birthday party, which coincides precisely with the end of the Mayan calendar.
Dave will always say "no presents necessary" if you ask him.
He has a good life and wants for nothing but great times with friends.

However, if you would like to bring a gift, here are some excellent options in any denomination:
Cash in a card - this would help offset the cost of the party.
Best Buy gift card - his favorite store.
Amazon gift card - his favorite online store.

Time of the Party

This will be a nighttime party.
Exact start time is 8pm.
Party will end at 12pm, as the world ends.

There shall be events happening every hour. Expect a great many surprises!
After all, it is the last party you'll ever attend, and it needs to be epic.

Food & Beverage

This is a catered party.
There will be bunches of appetizers.
Based on the late start, it is expected that you have already had dinner. Dinner will not be served.

There will be meatless, dairy-free, and seafood options. There will be no coconut in any of the food.

There will be an amazing cake.

There will be liquor.
There will be signature drinks.
The caterer is amazing!

Dress Code

It's a party.
Please dress up a little, but not a lot.
It is informal, but still a good excuse to buy a nice shirt.
This is not a costume party.
Bear in mind that it will be late December. It may be chilly - and it may not.

Something like this would be sufficient, with a jacket if necessary:

Private Party

This is a private catered party.

This party is by invitation only.
Save the date magnets are being mailed in August to a number of honored guests.
If you have received a card and would like to make us aware of your intentions to attend, or to celebrate the end the world in your own private way, please do so.
If you would like to bring a guest or guests, that is probably fine. Please contact us.
We will need to secure a final head count to ensure there is enough food and libations for all attending.